TGMR is a little window of heaven in a busy world

entrance-for-tgmrSet on 15 beautiful acres in Orefield, PA, the ranch is a permanent home for over 50 animals rescued from abuse or neglect. For many sanctuaries, this would be the end of the mission. But TGMR takes the rescuing one step further. The animals are trained and socialized to become co-therapists for people suffering from emotional or mental trauma. In essence, the animals, who were once unwanted, find a new life by helping others.


Please Be Our Angel!

Be-An-Angel-2014-revised-11_12_2014-Final-FlyerThe Morning Call’s “Be An Angel Campaign” is here for 2014!

Wish Number One: Sponsorships $200.00 per child per week for underprivileged children for “Ranch Camp” a summer day camp for  low-income families. Needed: Soaps, Journals, Gatorades, Juices

Wish Number Two:   Gift cards for Tractor Supply, Bird Mania, Quakertown Vet Clinic, Country Doctor, Highland Animal Hospital, Lowes, Home Depot, Weis, Wegman’s for 65 animals’ needs.

Wish Number Three: Monetary Donations, Laptop Computer, Timothy hay, Pine shavings, Clumping litter, Purina dry & moist cat food, Shredded Wheat, Duck, Potbellied Pig, and Alpaca Pelleted Food, and Bird Millet Sprays or Sponsor one of our 65 animals! Be An Angel!!

The Morning Call “Be An Angel Campaign”

Stop by on October 19 for the Open Gate Farm Tour!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Join us on October 19 for a Petting Zoo, Bake Sale, Food Stands, Donkey Cart Rides, Autumn Crafts, Barn Sale Items, Raffle and Life Music! All contributions benefit Andrew & Cutie and the Peacock Habitat.

There will be a petting zoo, which will introduce some of the rescued animals including ponies, alpacas, goats, and pot-bellied pigs! There will be educational talks, a live Musical Group JUST SO DUO, bake sale, food items, a raffle, barn sale, and horse & pony and donkey cart rides.

The Gress Mountain Ranch is involved with the Lehigh County Cooperative Extension, and as part of The Open Gate Farm Tour, the ranch will be hosting this event.

horseridingThe Gress Mountain Ranch is a sanctuary where abused and neglected animals are given life-long care to recover and thrive. In turn, the animals become therapy animals and have a job to help people learn to improve their self-worth, communication skills, and learn respect for all living beings.

Download the Open Gate Farm Tour 2014 PDF